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 Welcome to the Green-Compute Web Site


The fact you are here indicates your concern with Green Computing -- how computer devices are produced, used and disposed of so as not to endanger our planet. Computing is an area like few others that shows the breathtaking power of science and the endless appetite for newer, more powerful products. Astonishing technological advancements make life more entertaining and improve the way we work and live. However, each advancement contributes to our environmental threat as we scrap the old and adopt the new. We hope to present the issues of green computing and to set up an on-going dialogue of solutions on how we can best move forward in a balanced way that preserves the planet.


Green Computing...Our Responsibility


Green computing is an issue that impacts everyone. And it’s an issue shaped by nearly everyone in the developed and emerging economies. E-waste threatens the planet as both a source of toxins and through sheer tonnage. The UN Environment Program estimates the globe may be producing as much as 50 million tons a year in e-waste.


Companies within the computer, electrical appliance and consumer electronics industries have always accounted success by their bottom line profits. But in a plainly endangered world, a new greener way of accounting seems to makes more sense. Actions now must be measured in terms of their impact on people, planet, and profits rather than just the bottom line.


This broader view enables companies to account for their ventures in terms of their societal, ecological, and economic effects. This view has also revealed that an ecological approach to design and manufacturing often equates to the most economical. This is most clearly true in matters of energy conservation. More…



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